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You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 1-14, which are based on Reading Passage 1 below.


Section 1 (Questions 1 - 7)



Virgin London Marathon


Run for the NSPCC

Each year, thousands of people from across the UK come together to be part of the NSPCC’s London Marathon running team, raising vital funds for vulnerable children in the UK.


Looking for an NSPCC charity place

Complete our online enquiry form to express your internet in an NSPCC place in the next Virgin London Marathon.

A Q1100 pounds registration fee will be payable on application (refundable if we are unable to offer you a place). [Crack IELTS with Rob] Places are based on strength of application, so we will ask you to include as much detail as possible. Q2Successful applicants must commit to raise at least 2000 pounds.


Run for us with your own place

If Q3you were successful in securing a place in the ballot or other Virgin London Marathon entry scheme, and would like to run for the NSPCC, we would love to welcome you to the team!


Register as an own place runner and receive the same support as our charity place runners, we just ask that you raise as much as you can for vulnerable children.


Join the NSPCC team today.


We will support you every step of the way

As part of the NSPCC team, you will receive full support throughout your marathon journey, including:

- An exclusive training day with marathon training experts in January.

- Comprehensive training plans for all levels of experience.

- NSPCC runner's Q5Facebook page to chat with your teammates. [Crack IELTS with Rob]

- A dedicated London Marathon team at the NSPCC, on hand with first-class fundraising support.

- A Q6huge team of NSPCC supporters cheering you on along the route.

- A well-deserved massage and refreshments soon after you have crossed the finish line.


Enquire now

If you have any questions, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also contact us by completing our online enquiry form, calling 020 7825 2621 or sending email to


How your money helps

Every penny you raise by taking part in this fantastic event will go towards offering support and advise to vulnerable children across the UK who need our help.


We want to protect the most vulnerable children in society, as well as being there for every child who needs us through services like ChildLine and the NSPCC helpline.


NSPCC = National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children


Section 2 (Questions 8 - 14)



Advice sheet on food poisoning


What is it?

Food poisoning is an illness which occurs after eating or drinking anything that is contaminated by germs or sometimes chemicals.


What are the symptoms?

Symptoms Q8depend on the type of germ or chemical, but diarrhea, sickness, stomach pains and sometimes fever and headache are the most common. Illness may last for only a day or continue for one or two weeks.


How can I tell if food is contaminated?

You cannot! Even Q9food which looks and tastes fresh can cause food poisoning.

What can I do to avoid food poisoning?

Raw Q10food, especially meat and poultry, contains germs which can cause food poisoning. To stop these germs getting onto food:

- store raw and cooked food apart. [Crack IELTS with Rob] Raw meat must always be kept on the bottom shelf of the fridge.

- use separate utensils and chopping boards for raw and cooked foods.

- wash your hands with soap in warm running water after handling raw food.

- do not eat food while handling it.


To kill the germs before you eat food:

- thaw Q11frozen poultry and joints of meat completely before cooking. Meat should be thawed in the bottom of the refrigerator.

- cook food thoroughly. Poultry should always be cooked until the juices run clear.

- if you want to keep food for later, cool it quickly and put it in the fridge as soon as possible or keep it hot in the oven. If food is stored at the right temperature, germs cannot grow.


To keep other germs off food:

- do not eat foods made with raw eggs, e.g. homemade mayonnaise, some mousses and desserts.

- do not drink unpasteurized milk and do not drink milk from bottles which birds have pecked.

- keep Q12pets and pet food away from food, work surfaces and utensils.

- wash your hands after using the toilet, before and after preparing food, after handling pets and after emptying the waste bin.

- keep food covered. [Crack IELTS with Rob]

- do not store food in open tins in the refrigerator.


Having a party!

- follow the advice in this leaflet.

- do not prepare food too far in advance.

- if Q13you invite a lot of guests, use commercial caterers who have the equipment to prepare and store large amounts of food safely.


If I am suffering from food poisoning, is there anything I should do while I am ill?

- wash hands with soap in warm running water and dry thoroughly, especially when preparing food and after using the toilet.

- avoid close contact with other people until sickness and diarrhea have stopped.

- avoid preparing food for other people.

- clean toilet seats, flush handles, door handles and taps frequently with hot soapy water and disinfectant.

- soiled clothes and bedding should be Q14washed separately in the washing machine on the hottest cycle.


Will I need to take time off work/school?

You must stay away from work or school until at least 48 hours after you begin to feel better. [Crack IELTS with Rob] If your work involves handling food, nursing or working with the young, sick or elderly, you must tell your employer.


Questions 1 - 7

Do the following statements agree with the information given in Section 1 (Questions 1 - 7)?

In boxes 1-7 on your answer sheet, write

TRUE                   if the statement agrees with the information

FALSE                 if the statement contradicts the information

NOT GIVEN         if there is no information on this


  • 1.  A payment of 100 pounds will secure a place in the NSPCC team.

  • 2.  There is a minimum amount that NSPCC team runners are expected to raise.

  • 3.  It is not too late for runners who have already been offered a London Marathon place to join the NSPCC team.

  • 4.  Runners who run with their own place will need more training than NSPCC team runners.

  • 5.  NSPCC runners can communicate with one another before the event.

  • 6.  NSPCC runners can count on encouragement from spectators.

  • 7.  NSPCC team runners will be given food and drink during the race.


Questions 8 - 14

Complete the sentences below.

Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from Section 2 (Questions 8 – 14) for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes, 8-14, on your answer sheet.


  • 8. Different germs and chemicals produce different .

  • 9. Food might be even when it appears to be fine.

  • 10. All contains germs, but particular care must be taken with meat and poultry.

  • 11. It is preferable to frozen meat and poultry rather than cook it directly.

  • 12. The food of should not come into contact with the food you eat.

  • 13. Hiring is the best option if you want to provide food for a large number of people.

  • 14. The of the washing machine is advisable for any clothes or bedding affected.





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