IELTS Listening Practice Tests

What should you practice for IELTS Listening?

When you do that kind of practice you should try to imitate the test as closely as you can. You want to answer questions as you're listening to them so, you wanna do that the way you're going to do it on exam day. On the IELTS, you don't have time to listen, and take notes, and then take your time on the questions.


You answer questions as you go On the IELTS exam. So that's what you need to do when you practice listening. You also need to practice looking ahead to upcoming questions. So on the IELTS exam, you have between each section about 30 seconds or so, to look ahead and read the questions before you listen. It's really an important strategy for success on the IELTS listening section.


A list of IELTS Listening Practice Tests that are the same as the actual exam in terms of format and difficult level is provided hereafter:


Practice Test 1 Practice Test 2 Practice Test 3 Practice Test 4 Practice Test 5
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