IELTS Listening Section

How can you improve your listening abilities before you take the IELTS exam? 

Before exam day, you should plan on practicing IELTS listening. The more time you spend on it, the better band score you should achieve. Some recommendations are provided hereafter:


Read along and try to figure out new vocabulary and new phrases that you didn't understand. But this is also a really good listening activity because let's say you listen to a lecture and it was a very difficult one. Maybe you only understood 75%, 80% and you went back and read through the second time after you listened, and you discover that maybe you didn't know some of the vocabulary, but maybe you did understand the vocabulary. The third time you should play the recording and stop it every sentence or two, and try to repeat exactly what you heard the speaker say. Not only do you wanna repeat what they said, but you also want to try to repeat it, how they said it. Try to get their intonation the tone of their voice the emotion.


What is IELTS Listening Test?

The description of the listening test format is mentioned.

Listening Tips & Tricks

Here are some general tips and strategies to help you in the listening section. 

Listening Mini Tests

This section will provide you a range of mini-tests that are the same as the actual exam in terms of format and difficulty level.

Listening Practice Tests

A list of IELTS Listening Practice Tests that are selected from the recent actual exam is provided here for you to practice.