Christy Thomas

"Dear Rob, sorry for the late appreciation. I did my exams on this January and managed to get 8.5 score to listening test. I didn’t attend any IELTS classes at all and do all the preparations at home by my self. I must say I really need to thank you for providing such helpful tests for students when studying as a self learner. I have done nearly 50 test with your channel. Thank you so much on your efforts on us.

Keep doing, All the best and Stay Safe.

P.S. - I also have to mention about your generosity when a student has commented on the comment section regarding a clarification and you will anyhow reply on them. As all the times I have raised a question regarding a test, you always replied me. Thanks for that too"


Bharadwaj Joshi


"Hey, I would like to thank the channel for providing amazing and accurate listening and reading mock tests! Guys plzz believe it is a nice channel and its questions are very much familiar to real exam. Before appearing in IELTS exam, I had gone through your listening series & I must say that it was really my gud luck to be a part of this channel before giving test, as it helped me in achieving 8.5 bands in listening test.

Great work!! Thanks Rob"






Sharone Thompson

"I gave me IELTS exams on 22nd May and prepared the listening module from this channel. I used to get 32-38 marks in practice exam. I practiced for 2-3 weeks. I had already a good understanding of English language but the practice helped me answer the questions correctly. I got 8.5 in actual exam. I would just like to say that there are other channels as well however Crack IELTS with Rob is the best one. Also, there is no need to practice with increasing the speed of the video. Hope this comment helps others who are curious about the difficult level of actual exam. In my case the actual exam was a little easier than the practice exam.

My advice is to practice at least 1 video each day."





Christy Thomas

"I received my IELTS score today, I secured 8.5 for listening.

I prepared for listening using your videos only. 

Thank you Rob for this channel. Hope it will help a lot of students."






Thao Nguyen Vu

"I can't even begin to explain how much this channel has helped me in the listening test.

I had to take two IELTS exams because the first one did not give me the writing score I wanted.

However, both times I scored 8.5 in listening, and got 7.5 overall in the second time, which is I exactly what I wished to achieve. I couldn't do it without you. I practiced the test in this channel 4 times a week. Most of the tests here are similar to the real test in terms of difficulty and speed. Good luck, everyone!"



"Can't thank u enough. My result for 17th April academic exam came out, had band 8 in listening compared to my previous attempt where I had 6.5.

God bless u."






Chard Alzona

"I got my results yesterday. Scored 8.5 in listening and 7.5 overall. Thank you Rob for your lessons.

Let me tell you all those who are still not being able to crack the exams, there's no better channel for practice on Youtube than this and I am telling you after falling 4 attempts. A time period of 1 year. Give a month of practice on this channel and I don't see you scoring less than 35 in listening part in real exam. This is my experience. I was among you'll couple of months back and now I'm on to the next level.

In case anyone needs any help. Please let me know.



Rob Fan"


Taj Sandhu

"Crack IELTS with Rob you are doing amazing work. With of help of your listening tests I got 8 in actual exam. Thanks so much buddy and keep posting some hard stuff."












Srinika Reddy

"Hello Rob.

Hope you're doing fine.

Writing this comment to thank you for all the help you're providing to students preparing for IELTS exam. Really appreciate your efforts. Your videos are the only material I referred to while preparing for the listening section of the exam. Got 9 for listening."