IELTS Writing Section

How to improve IELTS Writing Skill?

The first is just learning the exam, learning the test. This involves learning about the format. The different types of questions, what the directions will be, all of that kind of thing. It will be related to strategy, so how you approach each type of question in the best way possible.


You're gonna have two tasks. Task one is a short report based on a set of prompts that you have. There are gonna be visual aids there of some kind, you may have to look at a map. You may look at some charts and graphs. You're just gonna look at that visual information and you have to write a report about it. You're supposed to take 20 minutes to do task one and then task two you're supposed to use 40 minutes, at least 40 minutes to write and that's gonna be a standard essay, a five-paragraph essay, where you've got a thesis statement in the introduction, some body paragraphs and a conclusion.

What is IELTS Writing Test?

An introduction to IELTS Writing Test is described in this section, in which a general format is mentioned.

IELTS Writing Tips & Tricks

A range of tips and tricks to address all types of questions in IELTS Writing Tests are provided in this section.

IELTS Writing Mini Tests

Different types of mini-tests that contain all types of IELTS Writing questions are provided so that IELTS learners can improve their writing skills then.

IELTS Writing Practice Tests

A list of IELTS Writing Practice Tests that are the same as the actual exam in terms of format and difficulty level is provided here for both Academic and General Training students.