IELTS Reading Mini Tests

How to practice your reading questions?

The IELTS Reading paper includes several types of questions (Multiple choice with one answer, Multiple choice with more than one answer, Identifying Information (True/False/Not Given), Note Completion, Matching Headings, Summary Completion, Flow-chart Completion, Sentence Completion, Matching Sentence Endings). The best way to practice your reading questions is to practice each type of them before taking the full test. 


In this section, we are going to provide a range of reading mini-tests for you to practice:


No Number of Mini-Tests Module Type of Questions
1 Mini Test 1 Academic Matching Headings, Sentence Completion, Yes/No/NG
2 Mini Test 2 General Multiple Choice, Matching Features, True/False/NG
3 Mini Test 3 General Matching headings, Sentence Completion, Multiple Choice
4 Mini Test 4 Academic True/False/NG, Short Answer Questions
5 Mini Test 5 Academic Yes/No/NG, Short Answer Questions, Matching Features
6 (to be updated)