IELTS Listening Mini Tests

What should you use for practice?

The IELTS exam uses different formats for the listening section. You'll have a lecture or sometimes, you'll have a speaker, like a guide, who gives you details or gives you directions about how to get somewhere. Or details about maybe a historical object, or a location. You'll also hear conversations, so you need to practice listening to things that are similar to those kinds of scenarios.


For the lecture-style questions, listening to documentaries, documentary videos or podcasts. Also, TED Talks are really great for IELTS practice. For conversations between two people or among groups for everyday language, it's good to watch TV, watch videos, movies, that's a good listening practice.


Besides, you need to practice each kind of questions in IELTS Listening (Multiple choice with one answer, Multiple choice with more than one answer, Matching, Labelling on a map, Fill in the gaps, Fill in the gaps: short answers) through mini-tests. This section will provide you a variety of mini-tests that are the same as the actual exam in terms of format and difficulty level as follows:


No Number of Mini-Tests Type of Questions
1 Mini Test 1 Gap-fill & Multiple Choice Questions
2 Mini Test 2 Matching Questions
3 Mini Test 3 Label on a map Questions
4 Mini Test 4 Multiple Choice & Matching Questions
5 Mini Test 5 Gap-filling & Multiple Choice Questions
6 Mini Test 6 Multiple Choice Questions
7 Mini Test 7 Gap-filling & Multiple Choice Questions
8 Mini Test 8 Map & Gap-filling Questions
9 (To be updated)