IELTS Speaking Mini Tests

How the IELTS Speaking Test is assessed?

The IELTS Speaking test assesses your ability to communicate in English. The examiner awards band scores for your spoken English-language skills. When assessing your performance, they work with clearly defined criteria to assess your Speaking test. Examiners assess your performance against 4 criteria.


They're gonna try to measure your fluency. How smoothly do you speak? Do you really have a lot of pauses? Where you're looking for words and you don't really know how to describe an idea. Or can you speak very fluently and quickly, and really express ideas in an easy way, without a lot of effort.


Coherence is your ability to connect ideas together. All of your ideas make sense and flow together in a very logical way. 

Lexical resource

Lexical resource is a really fancy way of saying you have a really good vocabulary. Lexical resource is a measurement of your vocabulary. 

Grammatical range

Grammatical range, how many different grammatical structures can you use? How complex is your knowledge of English grammar and how easily and fluently can you use grammatical structures accurately when you speak?


A list of mini-tests that were frequently asked in the recent exam is provided hereafter for you to practice: 


No Name Part Topics
1 Mini Test 1 1 Reading, Friends
2 Mini Test 2 2 Old people
3 Mini Test 3 3 Old people
4 Mini Test 4 1 Sports
5 Mini Test 5 2 A person who dresses well
6 (to be updated)