Speaking Part 2 | Mini Test 1

Describe an old person who you admire:

You should say:

     What kind of person he or she is:

     Who this person is

     How you know this person

     What kind of person he or she is

and explain why you admire this person.


You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say.

You can make some notes to help you if you wish.


Speaking Part 2

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    Topic: People

    Describe an old person who you admire:

    • What kind of person he or she is:
    • Who this person is
    • How you know this person
    • What kind of person he or she is

    And explain why you admire this person?

    Sample Answer:

    Well, today I would like to tell you about the old person that I really admire is my grandmother.


    She is my maternal grandmother, by which I mean my mother’s mommy. She is now in her early eighties. I have known her for my whole life. In actual fact, I spent my dreamlike childhood by her side as my parents were busy with business.


    First and foremost, my grandmother is a knowledgeable person. In fact, she used to be a professor at a prestigious university –Melbourne University. From her, I learn that “it is never too late to learn”.


    Besides, she is a wise woman, she can differentiate right and wrong, good and bad.


    Last but not least, my grandmother is a tough woman. She has experienced ups and downs/ thick and thin/ sorrow and mirth in life.


    My grandmother sets a good example to me, she always shares life experiences under her belt. I give her an unlimited/ immeasurable/ endless love and cherish as she raised all her children very well in spite of being a single mom.

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