IELTS Listening Tips for Sentence Completion

This lesson focuses on the IELTS Listening Question Type Sentence Completion questions. In fact, these are just short answer questions, except that each of the answers, each of the questions, is a full sentence that you need to complete with your answer choice.


Other types of short answer questions are just phrases or blanks that you need to fill in. But these are full sentences. So that is what makes these a separate question type from the others. Notice in the directions, we have got a word limit, just like all short answer questions on the IELTS.


In this case, only two words, up to two words are allowed, so one or two words would be an acceptable answer length for these questions. We are going to look at these questions later and analyze them a little bit. Let's just first think about how to approach this question type. The goal of this question, what you are supposed to be to fill in a gap in a set of sentences that summarize key information from the passage.


Sentence completion questions are, most of the time, about main ideas, key information. These will not be usually very small details that you have to listen for but rather very important ideas from the passage that you are listening to. So that is something you can expect out of this question type, is that this will be key information from the speakers. In the time before you listen to the passage, when you are analyzing the question and trying to predict what types of information you will need to fill in your answers.


But also very important for this question type is to use the sentence information that is provided to you in order to fill in the blank. Because they give you a full sentence for this question type, you have a lot of information to help you answer the questions. There are a lot of contextual clues in the sentences themselves that should give you information about what to listen for.




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