IELTS Reading Tips for Multiple Choice Questions

In this lesson, we are going to look at IELTS Reading Multiple Choice Questions. Multiple choice questions are probably very familiar to you already. Maybe almost every test you have ever taken has had some multiple choice questions. IELTS multiple choice looks a lot like what you would expect for a multiple choice questions, but there are some unique parts about them.


There are three kinds of multiple choice questions that you might face on the IELTS reading section. All three types begin with either a question. There is a question prompt or the prompt will be an incomplete sentence that you need to finish. 


How to approach them?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind for your multiple choice questions on the IELTS. First of all, and this is a very important tip. Keep in mind, remember that answers where are going to be presented. They are going to come in order in the text for this question type.


That's not true for most types of IELTS questions. But for multiple choice, it is. That means if you find the answer to number five of maybe you have eight multiple choice questions and you quickly find the answer for number five. You know that the answers for numbers one through four are going to come before that answer that you found in the text for number five and the numbers six, seven and eight are going to be presented after that answer that your found for number five in the text.


This is a wonderful clue to help you scan for answers. If you find an answer or two or three that you feel really confident about, then you can use those correct answers that you feel confident about to help you search for the other answers that might be more difficult for you to find. A very helpful tip for multiple choice questions on IELTS reading.


Secondly then, begin your scanning by using keywords from the question itself. This is helpful because usually the main idea or the main topic of the question is going to be found in that part. 


Eventually, before you decide on your final answer for a question, do make sure that you read all the answer choices. Each one will be somewhat tempting in some way. It will relate in some way to something that's said in the text. Therefore, it is important to look at them all. Many students find that actually their eye or their interest goes towards one particular answer to answer a question.


Please find more tips in the below video (will be updated later):