Mock Test 12 | Writing Task 2


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:


Currently, many people fail to balance the work with the other parts of lives.

What are the reasons and how to solve it?


Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.



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    Alarmingly, there is a growing awareness that a great many employees find it hard to strike a proper balance between career and life; some people fail to care about their personal health and the cultivation of new hobbies. [Crack IELTS with Rob] The failure of tackling the tense relationship between career development and private life will have an adverse influence. This essay aims to explore the reasons why it is far from easy to perfectly balance work and life and then present solutions.


    The potential reasons for the imbalance between career and personal life are manifold. First, to zero in on career can be mainly attributed to one’s infinite desires in life. More precisely, many young people aspire to outshine others in their career. [Crack IELTS with RobTo fulfill their rosy dreams, they have to exert themselves extremely hard. Thereby, the more time one spends on career, the less time one can allocate to other activities such as family life, health management or personal hobbies. Also, excessive workload and fierce competition are the reason why numerous young adults have to fully commit themselves to their jobs. Particularly, a new employee is sure to be eliminated out of the rat race given the cutthroat competition if he or she slackens efforts at self-improvement.


    Considering the conflict between career and life, it is high time that we adopted effective measures. Initially, it is imperative for the relevant companies to reduce the heavy workload and create healthy work environments. Indeed, to popularize a reasonable mode of work not only brings happiness to the workers but also enhances work efficiency. [Crack IELTS with Rob] Additionally, efforts should be made by everyone to change their opinion towards career. Specifically, people should clearly know that success in career will never be the sole aim of life; to work diligently is to create and savor wonderful life. No matter how busy one might be, one should always bear in mind that family life tops all and he or she should never bring unfinished tasks or assignments home.


    In closing, my stand is that it is no easy task to keep an appropriate balance between career and life at times, however, one should make efforts to achieve this balance.


    Collocations and Idioms:

    1. strike a proper balance between: balance between

    2. zero in on career: focus on career [Crack IELTS with Rob]

    3. aspire to outshine others: want to be better than other people

    4. to fulfill their rosy dreams: to make their dream become true

    5. excessive workload and fierce competition: many things to do at work and many people are competing against each other

    6. slackens efforts at self-improvement: do not try to improve himself

    7. to popularize a reasonable mode of work: make a way of working popular

    8. work diligently is to create and savor wonderful life: work hard is to have and enjoy life


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