Mock Test 12.1 | General Reading


You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 1-14, which are based on Reading Passage 1 below.

Section 1 (Questions 1 - 7)


Volunteer Opportunities for Redux, Inc. Employees


You can give back to the community through the company’s Volunteer Program. By signing up for the program, you can spend up to five hours a month of company time volunteering in an approved community program. This pro­gram is open to all Redux, Inc. employees. The following opportunities are cur­rently available:

A.   Nursing home residents are usually unable to get out to see plays, movies, and concerts. [Crack IELTS with Rob] Q3They count on your generosity to bring entertainment to them. Do you like to perform? Do you have a special talent that’s just waiting for an audi­ence? An appreciative audience is guaranteed if you can give just one afternoon a week to share your special talent with these special people.

B.   The Citizen’s Park Cleanup Committee needs more help. Q6Committee members spend the last Saturday of each month at a Q4different city park, picking up trash, repairing equipment, pulling weeds, and planting flowers.

C.   Mayfield Elementary School needs people to help with their afterschool pro­gram. Q7Volunteers will tutor children in reading and math. Must be able to com­mit to one afternoon a week for the entire school year.

D.   The Mayfield Free Clinic is open every weekend and is looking for people willing to spend two days a month assisting the clinic staff. [Crack IELTS with Rob] Volunteers will complete patient intake forms, Q2educate the patients about clinic services, and provide assis­tance contacting other medical providers.

E.   The Mayfield Shelter serves hot dinners to the homeless every evening. The shel­ter needs volunteers to help Q5with preparing and serving meals. If you can volun­teer Q1one evening a week, the shelter needs you.


Section 2 (Questions 8 - 14)


Summer Classes at the Community Center


The Community Center is offering adult summer classes again this year. [Crack IELTS with Rob] The schedule includes classes in basic computer skills, martial arts, painting and drawing, and dance.



Q8There are two ways to register for classes:


1. Go to our website: Click on “Class Descriptions” to see full listing of the classes that are available this winter. Decide which class or classes you are interested in.


Then click on “Register Now” and a registration form will appear. Complete the form and Q9calculate the amount of money you owe. [Crack IELTS with Rob] This will include the cost of your classes plus a $15 registration fee. Any materials fees will be payable to the instructor on the first day of class. Q11In addition, if your address is outside of the city, you will pay a nonresident fee of $25 per class.


Fill in your credit card information and click “Send Now”. You will receive registration confirmation by e-mail.


2. If you do not have access to a computer, you can call the Community Center at 872-555-5068 to request a class catalog and registration form. Select your classes from the catalog, complete the form, and return it by mail with your check or credit information.


Withdrawal Policy

Full refunds, minus the $25 registration fee, will be given for any withdrawals made up to one week before the class begins. [Crack IELTS with Rob] Withdrawals made before the start of the second class will receive a 50 percent refund, minus the registration fee. Q13No refunds will be made after the start of the second class.


Classes offered by the Q14Community Center are for adults only. You must be eighteen years of age or older to participate. Classes for children and teens are offered through the City Department of Recreation.


Questions 1 - 7

Look at the volunteer opportunities, A-E.

Which volunteer opportunity is appropri­ate for each of the following people?

Write the correct letter, A-E on boxes 1-7 on your answer sheet.


NB      You may use any letter more than once.


List of person:

  • 1.  is only free in the evening

  • 2.  is interested in health care

  • 3.  plays the guitar and sings

  • 4.  enjoys spending time outdoors

  • 5.  likes to cook

  • 6.  only has one day a month free

  • 7.  enjoys young children


Questions 8 - 14

Do the following statements agree with the information given in Section 2?

In boxes 8-14 on your answer sheet, write

TRUE                  if the statement agrees with the information

FALSE                if the statement contradicts the information

NOT GIVEN       if there is no information on this


  • 8.  You must visit a website in order to sign up for classes.

  • 9.  A registration fee is required for all classes.

  • 10.  Dance classes cost less than computer classes.

  • 11.  People who live outside of the city pay an extra fee.

  • 12.  You are allowed to register for only two classes at a time.

  • 13.  You will not get your money back if you withdraw after the second class.

  • 14.  Classes at the Community Center are for people of all ages.




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