Mock Test 26 | Speaking Part 2

Describe a useful website that you like to visit.

You should say:


     What the content of the websites are

     How and when you first found this website

     How often you go to this website


and explain why you think the website useful.


You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say.

You can make some notes to help you if you wish.



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    Reference answer


    Well, I’m such a netizen, so today I would like to tell you about my favorite website. It is a social network, Facebook, which is one of the top-visited websites with millions of users all around the world. [Crack IELTS with Rob]


    As far as I remember, my intimate friend sent me an offline message to my yahoo account and asked me to join. Then I was really stunned by its content which made it totally different from others. [Crack IELTS with Rob] I access Facebook on a daily basis even when I am on the go. There are a couple of reasons why I can gain merits from this web:

    - First and foremost, Facebook enables me to keep in touch with my friends, meet people from all walks of life and rekindle relationships with old friends. [Crack IELTS with Rob]

    - More importantly, it is a great way to let my hair down because Facebook is a storehouse of games which are in favor of both kids and adults.

    - Last but not least, when I browse Facebook, I can update with internal and external affairs happening in every corner of the world.

    [Crack IELTS with Rob]

    From all the above-mentioned reasons, when it comes to an interesting website, Facebook always pops up in my mind.




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