IELTS Listening Questions and Answers in some regions on 03 June 2023

Note: The green words are the answers in the actual exam in some regions (03/06/2023).

The Italics represent the dialogue in the audio of the test.

PART 1       Questions 1 - 10

Questions 1 - 10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


                      Application for a trip


1. Discount price: 26.65 pounds per day

2. activities depend on the weather

3. ticket not including lunch

4. Requirements: clothes, such as trousers, jackets

5. Location: beside the lakes

Activities information details:

6. different types of climbing

7. mountain hike

8. riding motor: organisation will provide a helmet

9. long stick

10. race is not allowed



PART 2       Questions 11 - 20

Questions 11 - 16

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

11. B. more effectively displayed

12. A. tidiness

13. C. identify hazard

14. A. assessment of screens

15. A. have little previous first aid experience

16. C. is currently applied


Questions 17 - 20

Which of the following comments is suitable for the activities below?

Choose FOUR answers from the list, A-C, and write it next to Questions 17-20.

List of comments

A. the location

B. the facilities in the club

C. the membership conditions


List of activities:

17. B

18. A

19. C

20. B


PART 3       Questions 21 - 30

Questions 21 - 24

Choose the correct letter, Aor C.

21. Problem missed what part of

A. the origination of JUST IN TIME.

B. the definition of JUST IN TIME.

C. JUST IN TIME was applied to market.

22. The suggestion for the presentation

A. Internet

B. magazines

C. textbook

23. xxx

24. The tutor thinks JUST IN TIME doesn't suit the service industry because

A. service product doesn't be accountable, unlike manufacture industry

B. JUST IN TIME is not popular

C. clients think JUST IN TIME is not convenient enough


Questions 25 - 30

Which of the following features is suitable for the activities below?

Choose SIX answers from the list, A-H, and write it next to Questions 25-30.

List of features

A. too formal

B. too irregular

C. too sudden

D. too technical

E. too unenthusiastic

F. too short

G. loosely related

H. too vague


List of activities

25. Speech speed delivery: B

26. purpose: A

27. in vocabulary: D

28. in transit: C

29. In visual aid: G

30. in body language: E



PART 4       Questions 31 - 40

Questions 31 - 40

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.


            A case study on fumigants


31. using chemicals may affect the ozone layer

32. common fumigants: methyl bromide reduce the colour of painting

33. protect the food and being kept in a sealed bag


Time and setting

34. applied in more humid courtiers will be more expensive

35. exposure time: 14 days

36. sealed environment with nitrogen

37. successfully preserve a wooden/wood sculpture

38. chemical from some skins of frogs

39. like natural occurring pesticides to kill the bacteria

40. not effective in moisture