IELTS Listening Questions and Answers in some regions on 11 March 2023

Note: The green words are the answers in the actual exam in some regions (11/03/2023).

The Italics represent the dialogue in the audio of the test.

PART 1       Questions 1 - 10

Questions 1 - 10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


                        School Regulation


1. Time: from 8:40 am to 9:00 am

2. If student cannot go to school, parents should contact with school by phone

3. Parents can attend art course with their kids

4. Next gathering meeting for parents: July

5. New built gym next to the canteen and sports field in the back

6. Not need to wear the uniform; put their name on the coats and sweater

7. Activities: cooking, music and chess

8. Day trip: summer camp in Countryside

9. a professional dentist

10. Students when they ride bike to school wear bright clothes and a helmet




PART 2       Questions 11 - 20

Questions 11 - 14

Choose the correct letters, Aor C.

11. The company is having this meeting because

A. xxx

B. There have been changes in the building

C. xxx

12. There has been a recent improvement to

A. the alarm

B. xxx

C. xxx

13. The problem with office staff was that they

A. xxx

B. xxx

C. did not move too much away from the building

14. During the minor fire in January, some staff working in the factory

A. were unwilling to start the alarm

B. xxx

C. xxx


Questions 15 - 20

Which of the following comments is suitable for the statements below?

Choose SIX answers from the list, A-C, and write it next to Questions 15-20.

List of comments

A. It should be done immediately

B. It will be dealt with by an outside specialist

C. It need not take care much at present


List of statements

15. ensuring there are no obstacles in fire escape routes: A

16. showing staff how to do first aid: B

17. checking that fire doors are easily opened: A

18. training staff to use fire extinguishers: B

19. checking that fire liquids are properly stored: C

20. checking that staff are aware of emergency exit: A


PART 3       Questions 21 - 30

Questions 21 - 25

Choose the correct letters, AB or C.

21. Which one is the most impressive part Fiona felt

A. volunteers' job

B. professor's attitude

C. student's work

22. Fiona and Harry agree with that silver bowls comes from

A. the church

B. rich man's burial objects

C. xxx

23. What part that Harry worries the most in this assignment

A. the word limits

B. too much references materials

C. cannot finish on time

24. What plan to do in the afternoon

A. make an approach to the assignment

B. visual materials

C. smart subject

25. What is the most confident part of Fiona?

A. subject matters

B. presentation

C. language skills



Questions 26 - 30

Which of the following features is suitable for the books below?

Choose FIVE answers from the list, A-G, and write it next to Questions 26-30.

List of features

A. enjoyable to read

B. full of illustration

C. good introduction to the subject

D. too much details

E. useful book list

F. mistaken information

G. miss some important information


List of books:

26. Book 1: F

27. Book 2: C

28. Book 3: E

29. Book 4: G

30. Book 5: A



PART 4       Questions 31 - 40

Questions 31 - 40

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.


            A case study on Australian recycle products


31. painting

32. rubbish, material such as glass and plastic

33. shells

34. made of electrical items, e.g., light bulbs

35. displayed his photographs of light bulbs in the museum

36. pencil

37. movies

38. his long-time interest in travel

39. sense of humour

40. he expresses that feeling of loss, being lost