IELTS Listening Questions and Answers in some regions on 20 May 2023

Note: The green words are the answers in the actual exam in some regions (20/05/2023).

The Italics represent the dialogue in the audio of the test.

PART 1       Questions 1 - 10

Questions 1 - 10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


                      Requirements for accommodation


1. Work number: 4635627

2. Come from West Somerton

3. Total members: two adults, a child almost 3 years old

4. Type of accommodation: flat

5. Location: in the North

6. What you extra request: close to a park

7. Need a pool

8. Rent: She wants to play a maximum 653 pounds

9. Date to move in: 15 December

10. Need to book a hotel



PART 2       Questions 11 - 20

Questions 11 - 15

Complete the sentences below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

11. The mine was closed down in the year of 1988

12. Mine museum includes the social impact and the technological aspect

13. Tourists are recommended to take a tour underground for 1 hour by the ex-miner

14. If you don't come, please contact the reception

15. if you want a relax, please go to notice board area next to staff office


Questions 16 - 17

Choose TWO correct letters, A-E.

What TWO things do the souvenirs sell besides the postcards?

A. Map

B. Clothes

C. Foods

D. Posters

E. Drinks


Questions 18 - 20

Complete the map below by using the lists of places provided.

18. Lecture theatre

19. Lift entrance

C. Bookstore


PART 3       Questions 21 - 30

Questions 21 - 26

Which of the following feeling is suitable for the places below?

Choose SIX answers from the list, A-D, and write it next to Questions 21-26.

List of feelings

A. frustrated

B. challenging

C. enjoyable

D. easy


List of places

21. hotel accommodation booking: D

22. tour on company premises: B

23. Leisure activities: C

24. Something to eat ordering food is outsourced: B

25. Airport transfer: D

26. Information technology problem: A


Questions 27 - 28

Choose TWO correct letters, A-E.

Which TWO things does the boss think of ALEX?

A. intelligent

B. good at organisation

C. good proposal of recommendations

D. need more training

E. xxx


Questions 29 - 30

Choose TWO correct letters, A-E.

Which TWO areas does ALEX think should be improved?

A. plan phone calls

B. xxx

C. be more decisive

D. xxx

E. working to deadline




PART 4       Questions 31 - 40

Questions 31 - 40

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.


            Regional study


31. People were more interested in the gold

32. In good condition because there was no water

33. and because it was frozen

34. xxx has a better climate

35. It was kept in a university

36. Research done in a cave date back to 700 years ago

37. Trading pottery or and production of agriculture

38. man are doing something without iron

39. women produced cloth at home

40. when silk reached the countries from China