IELTS Listening Questions and Answers in some regions on 24 December 2022

Note: The green words are the answers in the actual exam in some regions (24/12/2022).

The Italics represent the dialogue in the audio of the test.

PART 1       Questions 1 - 10

Questions 1 - 10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


                        Notes on outside activities


1. Learn skills: how to use route work

2. fees include: using service equipment

3. Safety check before you join in

4. fees include a guide

5. location: in a forest

6. skills: navigation

7. include lunch

8. group deposit is 20% of total amount fee

9. must bring: your own suitable shoes

10. contact person: Arkwright



PART 2       Questions 11 - 20

Questions 11 - 20

Complete the sentences below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

11. In Syria: seeds suitable for growing in a dry area.

12. Modern seeds were developed to help developing countries.

13. Possibility of seed variation lost when solving the world's hunger in seed hunter.

14. Hunters were seen like in mass media as seed pirates.

15. They will not sell the seeds collected.

16. Any scientist can get the samples from the seeds bank.

17. Finding seeds for being resistant to diseases to breed

18. Lack of information and no maps

19. not successful, without help from government agencies

20. Next trip for research they will preserve the seeds of corn.


PART 3       Questions 21 - 30

Questions 21-25

Which of the following contents is suitable for the locations below?

Choose FIVE correct letters, A-G, and write it next to Questions 21-25.

List of contents

A. need more examples to support

B. repeat other people's studies

C. inaccurate

D. need first hand

E. need more details

F. no need to talk

G. check again


List of locations:

21. dead volcano: E

22. Active volcano: B

23. Dormant volcano: D

24. Location is in Mexico or USE: C

25. xxx: F


Questions 26-30

Choose the correct letters, A, B or C.

26. The area has been neglected

A. xxx

B. he does not understand the main reason

C. xxx

27. xxx

A. part of the documentary

B. photographs including in the handouts

C. via internet video film programs

28. Dead or dormant in order to

A. help distinguish between scientific and popular term

B. xxx

C. xxx

29. Last presentation

A. not in deep discussion

B. lack sufficient data

C. not developed personal own point

30. Volcanoes benefits

A. it is not fully exploited

B. overweigh

C. it is not recognised



PART 4       Questions 31 - 40

Questions 31 - 40

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.



            19th Century's Metal Fatigue 


31. ethic viewed as personal issues

32. all three major accidents in history involved the collapse of bridges

33. 1879 Scotland, destroyed by the effect of the wind

34. 1907, the great weight of the bridge itself had not been calculated into

35. molasses is a kind of sweetener

36. 6-7 million liters of molasses were transported in a tank to another factory

37. bring a trial for the company was conducted, the immediate cost is still hard to calculate

38. the reason is known for the accident: insufficient safety tests before the projects were carried out

39. exploded as the increased pressure

40. 1920s exultation requires: operation unless being given a license