IELTS Reading Actual Test 2022 with Answers - Academic Module | Forecast & Practice


- 40 Forecast Reading Passages (Academic Modules)

- 20 Full-length mock tests (Test 1 – 20)

- Answer keys + Explanations for each answer

- Tips and tricks for each type of questions

- Exam consultation with our IELTS trainers

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- The most important thing about this eBook series is the Forecast Questions Package that many of our memberships encountered in their actual exams. The package including 40 full tests is expected to be released in the upcoming exams. This eBook covers Test 1 to Test 40 in the series.


- The IELTS Reading e-book series contains 20 full tests, each test includes 3 passages (60 passages in total) with answer keys and explanations for each answer which are extracted from recent actual exams held in different regions of the world. These are of importance for IELTS learners to practice before their actual exam.


- This is the IELTS Reading e-book Vol. 5 (from Test 1 to Test 20), the other tests are released in other IELTS Reading e-books. It could be better if you have the whole e-book series as it will cover all full tests of this series.


- Useful tips and tricks for each type of questions in IELTS Reading are provided in detail, which helps IELTS learners to overcome some silly mistakes and achieve their target band score.


- When you purchase this eBook, you can have a chance to get feedback and advice from our IELTS trainer teams for the upcoming exams.


- The PDF files and audio (if possible) of this eBook will be downloaded immediately after your order is placed. See the description below for additional information on this eBook.


Key Features

I. How to practice IELTS Reading – Skim/Scan – Underline – Note (SUN method)
1. What is the good solution for approaching each type of questions?
2. Skimming and Scanning
3. Underline
4. Note

II. Tips and Tricks for any Types of Questions in IELTS Reading
1. Matching Features Questions
2. Matching Information Questions
3. Sentence Completion Questions
4. Matching Sentence Endings Questions
5. Matching Headings Questions
6. True/False/Not Given and Yes/No/Not Given Questions
7. Short Answer Questions
8. Multiple Choice Questions
9. Diagram Completion Questions
10. Flow-Chart Completion Questions
11. Summary Completion Questions
12. Table Completion Questions


Exam consultation

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