IELTS Speaking Part 3 (Forecast from January to April 2022)

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Topic 1: 

1. Have you received anything that was made by the giver?

2. Do people prefer to receive handmade gifts or something bought in stores?

3. What kinds of handmade gifts can be made at home? 

4. Who are better at making handcrafts, boys or girls?

5. Is it important to learn art or music?


Topic 2: 

1.   Is motivation important for learning new things?

2.   What do people learn from parents and teachers respectively?

3.   What skills should be taught to kids before they go to school?

4.   In general, what skills do adults need to have?

5.   What are the skills that you want to learn?


Topic 3: 

1.  What ways can people get information these days except the internet?

2.  What are the differences between getting information from a library and getting information from a newspaper? 

3.  What are the disadvantages of getting information from the internet?

4.  How do you distinguish if the information you searched online is real or not?

5.  How about getting information from TV?


Topic 4: 

1.   What kind of sport can all people do?

2.   Is it good for athletes to endorse brands?

3.   Are there too many sports programs on TV?

4.   Why people like watching sports rather than do sports themselves?

5.   Do young people and old people like watching same kind of sports?


Topic 5: 

1.   What kinds of job need patience?

2.   What skills may take a long time to learn?

3.   Do young people like to spend their time on learning new skills?

4.   Why do people like to spend a lot of time learning new skills?

5.   Why are some people unwilling to spend a long time to learn new skills?


Topic 6: 

1.   Which kinds of people like reading news and which don’t like it?

2.   What kind of news do people like?

3.   Do young people and old people like the same type of news?

4.   Besides TV, how do people get news?

5.   Do you think children should start watching news from a young age?


Topic 7: 

1.   Are public facilities important?

2.   What are the public facilities near your home?

3.   What are the differences between public facilities used by young people and old people?

4.   Are new public facilities better than old ones?

5.   What’s the difference between facilities in the countryside and the ones in the cities?


Topic 8: 

1.   How should schools teach students to live healthily?

2.   What do people usually do to maintain their health?

3.   Is health education important?

4.   What kinds of lifestyles are unhealthy?

5.   What can doctors do to help people solve health-related problems?


Topic 9: 

1.   What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing outdoor sports?

2.   What sports involve teamwork?

3.  What kinds of outdoor sports are popular in your country?

4.  Which one is more exciting, indoor sports or outdoor sports?


Topic 10: 

1.   Is time management important?

2.   What are the effective ways to manage time?

3.   Which kinds of things will occupy a whole day for people?

4.   Do you think most people can manage their time well?

5.   What do old people and young people do during their free time?


Topic 11: 

1.  Do you often receive gifts that you want?

2.  What things do young people like to buy?

3.  Why do people buy things that are not necessary?

4.  Can shopping promote a country’s economy?

5.  Is advertising important? Why do many famous brands still need to advertise heavily?


Topic 12: 

1.   What are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping at a mall?

2.   Which one is more important for buying an item, quality or price?

3.   Are used items recycled in your country? Is it common?

4.   Do you pay attention to environmental protection?

5.   Can shopping boost an economy?


Topic 13: 

1.   What are the common useful home appliances that people often use these days?

2.   Are you good at handling problems on your own?

3.   What do people feel when they buy new equipment?

4.   Do you think modern technology makes people lazier?

5.   When an electronic item of yours does not work, would you repair it or buy a new one?


Topic 14: 

1.   Do people often complain? What do they often complain about?

2.   Do complaints really work? Can complaints help solve problems?

3.   Do young people complain more than old people?

4.   Which is better, a face-to-face complaint or a complaint letter?

5.   Why do companies need to solve customers’ complaints actively and quickly?


Topic 15: 

1.   In which circumstances do people tell white lies?

2.   Is telling small lies harmful? Is telling small lies a big deal?

3.   Do you think is it okay to lie? What is the harm of lying?

4.   Which modern techniques can help police solve a crime case?

5.   Some people say that liars are those who have a good memory; what do you think?