IELTS Speaking Part 3 (Forecast from January to April 2023)

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1. Sports places
- What are the benefits of sports for children?
- What do you think of companies donating sports venues for poor children?
- is technology helpful for people to do sports?
- Do you think local sports teams can help increase community connections?

2. Something interesting
- How does technology help people tell stories?
- Why are mystery novels so popular nowadays?
- What kinds of novels are suitable for a film adaptation?
- Is there any difference between the popular novels now and those in the past?

3. Favourite show
- What programs do people like to watch in your country?
- Do people in your country like to watch foreign TV programs?
- What is the benefit of letting kids watch animal videos than visiting zoos?
- Do you think we can acquire knowledge from watching TV programs?

4. Flower bearer
- Are there many people growing their own vegetables now?
- Do you think it’s good to let kids learn how to plant?
- What are the differences between traditional and modern agriculture?
- What happened to the farmers’ income during the pandemic?

5. Sharing
- Do you think kids like to share? Why?
- What do you think is the benefit of sharing for children?
- How can governments encourage shared transport?
- Why is it important to share food with others during a celebration?


6. Plastic waste
- Do you think we should use plastic products?
- What kinds of plastic waste are often seen in your country?
- What can the government do to reduce plastics pollution?
- Do you think we can do without plastic altogether in the future?

7. A person/friend
- Do you still keep in touch with your friends from childhood? Why or why not?
- What do you think of communicating via social media?
- What’s the difference between having younger friends and older friends?
- Do you tink online communication through social media will replace face-to-face communication?

8. Object
- What beautiful scenery spots are there in your country?
- Do you think there are more beautiful things now than in the past? Why
- Do people in your country prefer listening to music to appreciating paintings and literature?
- Why do many people do to scenic spots in person instead of just reading about them in books?

9. Difficult thing
- How can we judge whether young people are successful nowadays?
- What kinds of success can students achieve at school?
- Should students be proud of their success?
- Are successful people often lonely?

10. Outdoor activities
- What outdoor activities are popular in your country?
- Do you think it’s better for people to change jobs when there are new chances?
- Should young people try as many new activites as possible?
- Do young people do the same outdoor activities as old people do nowadays?