IELTS Speaking Part 3 (Forecast from September to December, 2021) - Topics related to PERSON

Topic 3: Person

1. Famous person:

- Should famous people have the right to their privacy in public?

- What are the differences between famous people today and those in the past?

- Do you think the media is putting too much attention on famous people?

- Why media right now public fake news about famous people?

- What do you think about media nowadays are focusing too much on a famous person private's life?


2. Describe a person who is full of energy

- What kind of jobs require much energy (physical health)?

- What should elderly people do to improve physical health?

- Should children do sports at school to improve physical health?

- What period do we have more jobs requiring physical health? Now or in the past?

- What are the drawbacks/benefits of jobs requiring less physical health?


3. Describe a polite person you know.

- What's the standard of being polite? Differences between countryside and cities? Why?

- Who are more polite? people from cities or those from the countryside?

- What behavior will be regarded as impolite?

- How to show politeness in non-verbal communication?

- Do you think that countries cultures will be merged due to globalization in the future?


4. Describe an old friend you got in contact with again.

- How do people in your country make friends? Do they like making friends?

- Why is it often difficult for children to keep in touch with old friends?

- What is the influence of social media on friendships?

- Why do people lose contact with each other after graduation?

- Do you think old friends are more important to the old generation or the young generation?


5. Describe your favorite singer.

- Do singers play an important role in your country?

- Do you think celebrities have a lot of income?

- In your country, people prefer to listen to traditional music or foreign music?


6. Describe a person who you think is very open.

- How do people usually express their feeling?

- Who do you like to talk more? Children or grown-ups?

- What do you think is the difference between boys and girls in expressing their feelings?

- Do you think people are more open than in the past?

- Why do you think people are less open?


7. Describe a family (not your own) which you like and are happy to know.

- How many people are there in the family?

- Who is considered to be the head of a family?

- Why do youngsters these days want to live independently?

- What qualities/personalities should parents have?


8. Describe a time you saw children behave badly in public.

- How do parents stop their children from behaving badly in public?

- Some parents chose to smack their children when they behave badly. What do you think about it?

- Are parents in the past stricter than parents nowadays? Why has this change?

- Who influences children more, family or friends?

- Some people do not want to change their bad behavior. Why? What can we do to help them?


9. Describe a person who helps others in his or her spare time.

- Why are some people willing to help others? Why do some people not like helping others?

- Who should teach children how to help others?

- Do people expect something in return when they help others?

- Do you think it's the responsibility of rich countries to help poorer ones?

- Advantages of helping neighbors? And do you want to help them?


10. Describe a person who you think wears unusual clothes.

- What difference between the younger style and the older style? Why is it different?

- What are things do people always consider when buying clothes?

- How do you know the online item could fit your body?

- People surf webs to buy something in their breaktime. What do you think about it?

- What are the differences between clothes worn by old people and those by young people?