IELTS Speaking Tips | Improve Your Band Score: Fluency and Coherence

In this lesson, we will focus on how to improve your fluency and coherence score. Which is one of the four categories they used to measure your speaking ability on the speaking test. As with the other videos in this particular series, what we are looking at are the Bands Score descriptors.


In particular, the fluency and coherence portion of those descriptors. And we are gonna be defining a low score in this lesson as somewhere in the five to six range, in thinking about how to boost your score up to the higher levels. That will take you those band score descriptors, and what we are trying to do in this lesson is, to translate what is there into easier terms, and to give you an idea of things you can work on, in order to push your score up to those higher levels that you see there.

How to Improve your fluency?

The first one is your rate of speech similar to a native speaker without frequent self-correction and repetition. Self-correction is when you notice a mistake in what you said and you have to go backwards and correct that mistake.


That can be a good thing sometimes, but if you do that too much, it's a problem. Repetition is exactly what it says when you repeat the same words or ideas over and over. Somebody who is scoring in the sort of five to six range. They are going to use a slow speed.


And a slow speed to process grammar and vocabulary, as that person speaks. They have to really think. They are struggling to think about what is gonna be correct grammatically, and what words they can use to express their idea. Those are the qualities there.


You have to be speaking regularly in order to gain any kind of fluency or to keep the fluency you once had. Sometimes people were fluent a few years ago, but then, they haven't used their English in a while and then you lose it. Then, you have to practice frequently.


More tips can be found in the video below (will be provided later):