Tips for IELTS Speaking Part 1

In this lesson, we are going to provide some tips for IELTS Speaking Part 1. Part 1 is definitely the easiest of the three sections of the test. But that does not mean that it is less important than the other parts of the speaking test. Part 1 is important because it is your chance to show your examiner, how comfortably and confidently you can answer these easier questions. It is a chance to show off your fluency.


How you can do your best on this section of the speaking test?

First, what to expect? When you enter your interview room, your examiner is going to greet you and give you his or her name.


And then, you will do the same and show your passport. It is all just to show that you are the person. All of this takes a couple of seconds at the beginning when you first enter the room. Very quickly then, your examiner will start asking you the kinds of questions that you can expect for all of Part 1.


These are basically small talk questions. Small talk is the kind of conversation you have when you first meet somebody, and you are asking questions to find out more about them. You can expect questions about your interests. 


What kind of things you like to do in your free time, your hobbies, maybe your academic interests, or professional interests. You can expect questions about your background. About your country or your hometown. These questions are simple. They are basic, everyday kinds of questions, and one of the reasons the IELTS starts with these questions is just to see how well you can handle these easier topics at the beginning.


However, another reason they ask you these questions is to help you relax. The IELTS knows that this interview is kind of stressful and maybe even, for some students even a scary experience. You are nervous about going in and talking to this examiner you do not know. Therefore, they give you easier questions at the beginning so you can hopefully relax and feel as comfortable as you can with your examiner.


Try to do that, try to calm yourself down, just focus on the questions that are being asked of you, and do your job during this short interview that you have to do. You can expect in Part 1 that you are going to talk about two to three different topics that normal for Part 1. Your examiner may start with questions about your family, then move to a new topic, maybe, places you have traveled or places you would like to travel.


And then, finish up with questions about your academic or professional interests. There will be a normal sequence of topics for part 1. The whole section lasts about 4 to 5 minutes before you move on to part two. Your examiner is in control of the time and will move the interview along as he or she needs to. This can mean sometimes, that the examiner will cut you off or will stop you before you finish saying all the things you had to say about something.


How to succeed in Part 1

The first thing is to be confident, engage, and interested. Your attitude definitely matters for Part 1. When you are practicing and thinking about what you are gonna do for your speaking exam, think about going into that room, looking your examiner in the eye, and sitting up straight and trying to be as confident, as interested as you can.


The other useful tips can be found in the below video (will be provided later):